Our Philosophy

We believe in nurturing an environment that is conducive for highest standard of medical ethics.

We are constant guided by our philosophy!
Patient First
At Sportsmed, we have zero tolerance to the recent wave of corporatization in the field of medicine. We practice and advocate highest standards of medical ethics. We are committed to keep the interest of our patients at the core. Our integrated approach to injury management offers convenience to patients. Our operational efficiency drives down the total cost of treatment. Our friendly doctors, paramedic staff, and non-medical staff make patients feel comfortable at all times.
Green Workplace
Our hygiene standards are high, yet we believe in conservation of resources. We prefer washed cotton over tissue paper. When it comes to utensils, we prefer glass and steel over paper. Making the most of natural resources is what we care about.
Healthy Lifestyle and Clean Environment
Since the inception of the facility in 2013, Dr. Anant Joshi and his team of doctors have been cycling to work everyday. Sportsmed has created a special parking facility for bicycles. This is a unique initiative to conserve the environment and also to maintain healthy joints.