Sportsmed Activ

We are a holistic injury management and performance enhancement facility.

Sportsmed Activ is an integrated rehab facility where a combination of exercise therapy (physiotherapy) and manual medicine (osteopathy) is used to restore body functions.
We specialize in pre-surgery and post-surgery care and rehabilitation.
Our osteopath experts use complementary medicine to treat medical disorders through manipulation and massage.
Sports Science
We have developed performance assessments that provide depth report; thus enabling us to design tailor-made programme that helps in enhancing your sports performance.
We offer yoga therapy for rejuvenation and improvement of health-related quality of life.




Physiotherapy is a prehabilitation and rehabilitation science which aims at maximizing the functional potential of an individual who has a disease dysfunction or injury. It aims to promote health and fitness in every individual’s life. It is a healing method focused function restoration and mobility. From back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and ligament issues to Parkinson’s, Paralysis, Cerebral Palsy, and more, our experienced physiotherapists can heal both chronic and acute problems.




Yoga has been practiced in India for thousands of years and it is spreading all over the world due to its benefits on various bodily structures and functions. The ultimate goal of Yoga is to attain balance between mind and body. Numerous researches prove that there are immense benefits of Yoga. Yoga affects major systems of the body - nervous system, muscular system, and cardiorespiratory system. These systems are interdependent and play a significant role in our daily physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. 




Osteopathy is a unique holistic (whole body) approach to health care and is very popular around the world. Osteopaths do not simply concentrate on treating the problem area, instead use a global assessment and manual techniques to balance all the systems of the body, to provide overall good health and well-being. Osteopaths provide a mechanical treatment that can help with:


  • Back and neck pain
  • Sciatica
  • Headaches
  • Pain in peripheral joints such as shoulders, knees and ankles, tendonitis and muscle strains
  • Work-related and repetitive strain injuries
  • Sports-related injuries
  • General musculoskeletal conditions


Osteopaths frequently work as part of a multidisciplinary team to treat a number of chronic conditions, particularly related to musculoskeletal conditions, including maintaining mobility or rehabilitation associated with arthritis, Patient exhibiting mobility problems or postural problems. Once a disease of an older population, arthritis is commonly effecting the joints of younger people. As part of our service we have University trained Exercise Scientists (a new profession to India) who work in collaboration with the Sportsmed physiotherapists to deliver exercise advice that complements the treatment. Exercise is a key component to the reinforcement of treatment outcomes. Postural strains seem to contribute enormously to many musculoskeletal problems in day to day life. Osteopathy combined with Physiotherapy and Exercise Science can play a preventative role in people maintaining their active lifestyles.





Sports science is one of the key areas of performance enhancement. It is all about understanding and using the science of sport, to make training more efficient and to amplify performance. Our founder, Dr. Joshi, believes that sports science has been overlooked in India. Sportsmed Activ will help people take sports as a profession with adequate analysis and accurate report on their current performance. We have created an infrastructure where athletes, amateurs and aspirants can understand and hone their skills. We appreciate that precision is the game changer; we try and understand how an individual performs in diverse environmental conditions and get him/her ready for most foreseen circumstances. A few tests that can be carried out at Sportsmed Activ are:


  • Movement analysis using video cameras and subsequent software assessment.
  • Pressure plates that sense minute changes in the loading of the feet.
  • Balance assessment with pressure plates.
  • Capacity for high-intensity exercise using a Breath Gas Analyzer.
  • A cycle and treadmill ergometer to check the amount of oxygen being consumed and its effectiveness while exercising.
  • Endurance assessment through Lactate estimation.


In brief, the center is capable of checking every aspect of sports performance, identifying lacunae and then suggesting corrective measures. Coupled with high-end rehabilitation equipment from HUR and backed by experienced physiotherapists, Sportsmed Mumbai and Sportsmed Activ will be a one-stop shop for all athletes.