We try to get to the root cause of your knee problem.

Troubled by your knee?
Knee pain and limp, buckling or giving way, locking or inability to straighten, restricted movements, clicking or clucking and swelling, maybe one of the many complaints you have. These problems could be due to several reasons. It could be a stand-alone problem or accompany problems in other joints (multiple joint pains as in Rheumatoid Arthritis) or systemic ailments like gout. The onset may be after a single significant injury, minor repetitive injury or no injury at all. Sudden overuse or unaccustomed loading of the knee e.g. climbing several steps during a pilgrimage or a trek can injure the joint.
We get to the Root Cause
At Sportsmed, we believe that listening is very important. We listen to our patients, note their symptoms and take into account associated conditions. We then look, feel and move before carrying out required special tests; this gives us a better understanding of the problem. After physical examination, we investigate with the help of appropriate imaging techniques. Our old-school approach combined with new-age technical skills help us design an optimal treatment plan for our patients.


What can you Expect?

When you visit Sportsmed, we first delve into the onset, progression, extent of disability before recommending suitable treatment.
One is often surprised to know that it was the spine or the hip that was at fault & the knee becomes the innocent victim. Our investigations begin with a basic X-ray (unlike many places where an expensive MRI scan is recommended). In most cases, investigation does not have to go beyond an X-ray; an MRI is definitely not our first option. When we feel the need, we do not hesitate to take the opinion of another colleague at Sportsmed or request for a 2nd opinion elsewhere. If the opinion is sought within Sportsmed, we ensure that our patients aren't burdened with the cost of second consultation. While we are seasoned surgeons, about 80% of our patients receive a non-surgical treatment. We also do not believe in prescribing medicines & drugging patients; we prefer to recommend life style changes & exercise therapy for recovery.

Treatment is individualised based on the symptoms, the degree of disability and the demands of the patient’s lifestyle. It is solely dependent on your condition, symptoms and what exactly is causing your knee pain. We give tips on exercise modification and advocate a holistic approach to handle your knee related issues; treatments include therapy and lifestyle changes, injections, surgery and alternative medicine.

Lifestyle Changes & Physical Therapy

Lifestyle changes are extremely helpful; avoiding certain high impact exercises, maintaining correct posture, wearing appropriate footwear, and more. You may be surprised to learn that several patients are able to fix their knee related issues with simple stretching exercises. Your doctor can help you identify a variety of lifestyle changes that promise better knee health. Additionally, we recommend physical therapy for strengthening the muscles and enhancing joint stability.

There is an optimal time for every surgical procedure. Some have to be carried out early and others can be planned. At Sportsmed, we guide you thru the pros & the cons of surgery.

The majority of surgeries carried out at Sportsmed are minimally invasive, arthroscopic procedures for treating problems of the patella, meniscus, cartilage & ligaments. Complex surgeries for failed previous surgeries (revision) and where multiple ligaments are damaged and re-alignment surgeries that can prolong the life of the natural knee are also carried out regularly at Sportsmed.



At times, you may be recommended an injection into or around your joint. A few common injections are Corticosteroids, Hyaluronic acid and Platelet-rich plasma (PRP). In some situations, injections inside joints or around tendons & ligaments are used. To optimise their effectiveness these injections are administered by our radiologist, under ultrasound guidance. This ensure the Durg is delivered at the targeted area.

Alternative medicine does help in many cases. At Sportsmed, we believe in holistic approach to injury and pain management. Based on your conditions, your doctor may recommend osteopathy. Osteopathy uses a combination of movement, stretching, targeted deep tissue massage and manipulation of a person’s muscles and joints to improve function, relieve pain and aid recovery.


Alternative Medicine