Speciality Treatment

Sportsmed provides a full range of orthopedic specialty care for patients.

We help our patients achieve the best possible outcomes in shortest recovery times through high-quality treatment and compassionate care.
Sportsmed advocates a holistic approach to handle knee related issues; treatments include therapy and lifestyle changes, injections, surgery and alternative medicine.
Foot and Ankle
Sportsmed offers expert care to people with foot and ankle conditions and disorders including arthritis, deformity, fractures, sports injuries and trauma.
Sportsmed specializes in treatment of hip disorders that are caused due to developmental conditions, injuries, chronic conditions, or infections. Our expert offers non-surgical treatment for tendons, cartilage and ligaments and also performs hip replacement surgery in extreme cases.
Upper Limb
Sportsmed treats conditions of the upper limb - wrist, elbow and shoulder. Our expert provides quality, compassionate care for common and complex cases.
Sportsmed provides expert, quality care for conditions of the spine including even the most severe cases of deformity, degeneration and injury.